Land Scalping


Phimocute services limited: We are professional Land scalping and flower maintenance in Lagos Nigeria. Our services include the supply of flowering plants, grass and trees are part of the elements that can make our environment look enviable.

Phimocute services Limited is a professional and expert in land scalping, flower planting and maintenance. We are expert in the area of establishment of a new garden setting around the house. We plant attractive flower and sunshade plant that will stimulate the attention of people.

For a healthier and a radiant life, it is important to establish a home garden for the purpose of connecting with nature through plant ensuring we always breathe the freshest air.

Flower bring about cleaner air. Planting of flower has environmental benefits. During the process of photosynthesis, the flower leaves absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. In addition, planting of flowers can help to hold soil in it proper place reducing erosion and flooding. Flowers have played a key role throughout human history.

The maintenance of garden and land scalping is important to keep the beauty and the environment clean and attractive.

A beautiful landscape and flower maintenance is a vital part of our home and community. A well planned landscape can save you from erosion and flooding. Phimocute services limited understands the Lagos and Nigeria climate and know the types of flower to be planted.

Phimocute services limited anchors a house to the site, connects it with the environment and creates a welcoming entrance to a home. Phimocute is Lagos, Nigeria Land scalping architect and flower maintenance or designer and works with living plants.